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    Production of Immun' Âge

    21st April, 2011, Immun' Âge got a licence of Natural Health Product from Health Canada

    UP DATA:2011/12/21/

    Health Canada evaluated numerous clinical paper of Immun' Âge as well as our manufacturing management under ISO9001、14001、22000 and authorized us to make the following health claim as NHP (Natural Health Product).

    "Stimulates the antioxidants systems for the maintenance
    of good health"

    licence Number : NPN80024944

    In Canada, our products have been sold under the name of "Stimul'Ace" at pharmacies across the country since October 12, 2011 as Natural Health Products.

    What is Natural Health Products?
    Health Canada regulates natural medicines as a category of products separated from foods or drugs. These products are officially recognized as "Natural Health Products" and allowed to make health claims. In order to be marketed as natural health products in Canada, manufacturers must submit applications to Health Canada including information about uses, formulation, dosing, safety, and efficacy. Finished products licensed by Health Canada must be manufactured according to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) as outlined by Health Canada.

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